CranioSacral Therapy

At the root of my work

Craniosacral therapy (CST) gets its name from the attention that is placed during treatment on the cranium (skull) and the sacrum (bottom of the spine), as well as the vertebrae in between. Focus is also placed on the rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid that can be felt throughout the body, and on fascial release. CST is gentle, engages the body’s own ability to heal, and pacifies the nervous system. It is suitable for newborns, the elderly, and everyone in between, including pregnant women.

Somato-Emotional Release

An integral part of CST

Somato-emotional release is based on the notion that our tissues hold memory and trauma. Releasing tissue tensions through bodywork may cause emotions to arise. Somato-emotional releases can be subtle or obvious; regardless of how they present themselves, they have tremendous healing potential.

Visceral Manipulation

A more “hands on” approach

As taught by the Barral Institute, visceral manipulation is a deeper touch modality that aims to treat ligaments around the organs in order to positively affect those organs as well as the body fascia. This work may help your body heal from aches and pains that other modalities have been unable to successfully treat.

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