What does a session look like?

Craniosacral therapy is carried out with the client fully dressed, typically laying supine on a massage table. For children or adult clients who are uncomfortable laying on their backs for an extended period of time, I may adapt to whatever position works best for the client. Kids are more than welcome to stay in their caregiver’s arms for the duration of the session.

In visceral manipulation, it is important to have direct contact with the skin; thus it is encouraged for you to wear loose and comfortable clothing.

How long does a session last?

A session for adults lasts 50-60 minutes approximately. Depending on the circumstances, a child session may take much less time than that but I plan for 60 minutes for kids too.

Where are you located?

OM on the River is located in Le Vieux Carré, at 619 SW Water St. After entering the courtyard, follow the brick path to the door. Take the elevator or stairs to the 3rd floor, then follow signage to OM on the River. The building is wheelchair accessible.

There is free parking available across the street in the Le Vieux Carré parking lot, situated between the train tracks and river.

For any other question, please contact me.