Can you explain your work a little more in depth?

Craniosacral therapy (CST) gets its name from the attention that is placed during treatment on the bones of the cranium (skull) and on the sacrum (bottom of the spine), as well as the vertebrae in between. Focus is also placed on the rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid that can be felt throughout the body, and on myofascial release. CST engages the body’s own ability to heal and pacifies the nervous system. It is suitable for newborns, the elderly, and everyone in between.

My work also incorporates somato-emotional release (SER). SER work is based on the notion that our tissues hold memory and trauma, and that releasing tissue tensions through bodywork may cause emotions to arise. Through coming to light emotions can be honored and better integrated, and tissues can experience improved connectivity and flow. SERs can be subtle or obvious; regardless of how they present themselves, they have tremendous healing potential.

Finally, I also apply techniques of visceral manipulation (VM) and neural manipulation (NM) in my work. VM gently mobilizes organs to enhance their natural and fluid movement within the body. This helps to improve organ function as well as relieve pain in areas related to the organ via nerve or tissue connection. NM works with mobilizing structures of the central nervous system as well as peripheral nerves.

What does a session look like?

Craniosacral therapy is carried out with the client fully dressed, typically lying supine on a massage table. For children or adult clients who are uncomfortable lying on their backs for an extended period of time, I may adapt to whatever position works best for the client. Kids are more than welcome to stay in their caregiver’s arms for the duration of the session. We can be creative!

I do recommend wearing loose and comfortable clothing.

How long does a session last?

I offer a choice of 60-minute or 90-minute sessions for adults. Children’s sessions are 30 minutes long.

I’m pregnant – is it safe for me to get craniosacral therapy?

Absolutely! Craniosacral therapy is an excellent choice of therapy during pregnancy and will benefit both you and your baby.

Where are you located?

OM on the River is located in Le Vieux Carré, at 619 SW Water St. After entering the courtyard, follow the brick path to the door. Take the elevator or stairs to the 3rd floor, then follow signs to OM on the River.

There is free parking available across the street in the Le Vieux Carré parking lot, situated between the train tracks and river.

Advanced Innergy is easy to find on War Memorial Drive at the corner of California Avenue.

I love my friend / significant other / family member and want to share craniosacral therapy with them. How can I do this?

Gift certificates are available! Please contact me for details.

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