I cannot say enough about Maureen’s healing hands, experience, education and how when they all come together her intuitiveness just flows! I originally was recommended to work with Maureen in exploration of another tool of means to aid in resolving my chronic neck and head tension, resulting in migraines. I have been working with Maureen for eight months now and I am very grateful for the opportunity that has lead me to Craniosacral Therapy. Having the openness and trust in Maureen’s abilities and education have allowed me to appreciate the intricate nuances of my body and it’s ability to heal from within.
Maureen has a true gift of healing and allowing one’s self to trust and draw strength from within. Craniosacral Therapy combined with Maureen’s guidance, education and innate abilities has aided in reducing my migraines and bringing more joy to my world! And to that I say… Thank you!
– MM

I like CST because:

1. It doesn’t hurt

2. Miss Maureen lets me move around when I wanted to

3. It‘s kind of comfy and relaxing

-HJP, age 8

Maureen has a true gift of helping people. She is always professional, patient and thorough during CST sessions. Maureen has helped alleviate my negative symptoms associated with postpartum mood disorder. Following an appointment, I tend to feel less anxious and “lighter”. Her passion for the caring of others is apparent through her work as a craniosacral therapist. – KP

I am a Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology Education student. My curriculum discusses the importance of bodywork to surface and heal unresolved trauma. Craniosacral therapy is one of the techniques that I’ve learned.  I am a firm believer of never suggesting anything to my clients that I’m not willing to try myself. I didn’t know exactly what to expect but I came to my session with an open heart that was eager to learn and reap maximum benefits. This form of therapy will blow your mind. The Lord made our minds and bodies sophisticated machines that collect and store all of our experiences both good and bad. When we let go of our inhibitions and relax, our minds and bodies will pull unresolved issues out of archives.  This  provides us an opportunity to seek further treatment and heal in areas that are unconsciously harming us and wouldn’t have been revealed without bodywork. During my session with Maureen, I was surprised by the past events that triggered deep emotional responses. Maureen is a professional who is comfortable with tears, silence, and whatever you may need to obtain the most from your session. I highly recommend craniosacral therapy and Maureen as a practitioner for anyone who desires healing and wholeness. – LP

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